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just another poet lookin' for some inspiration..

I followed you because your personal posts and poems were very interesting and at the time you didn't post photos of yourself it made me more curious who the guy behind the poems was.



Aww. Thank you.

Easiest day at work ever.

Loved it.

I also allowed some co-workers to hear some of my poetry recordings.

I think they were impressed, but they did mention I sound different in person.

My voice does come out a little deeper with a touch of raspiness when I record for some reason.


I probably should’ve slept…

I’ll be working until about 1am today (maybe 2AM) and then I have to be back at work on Friday at 10AM.

I have Saturday and Sunday off tho. =D

I wonder how many more subscribers I’d have

if I posted pictures regularly, had a dedicated page for my pics,

and I happened to be a particularly handsome fellow.

That was a long azz post.

If anyone actually takes the time out to read that AND message me or reblog it with their own thoughts on what was said….then….well….we’re basically homies for life.

…..unless what you have to say is negative….then….well….

Go somewhere else with that, bruh.

That’s not welcomed here.

Where has the passion gone? The downfall of today’s educational system.

Honestly, I can only recall a handful of teachers who actually encouraged me and guided me to a certain extent throughout school.

Two of them were in elementary school, 6th grade and 8th grade. Both were Language Arts/English teachers.

The other two teachers were in High School, 9th/11th and 12th grade. Both of them were also English teachers.

I was actually on the verge of dropping out of HS my freshmen year and my Honors English teacher (who was also my 11th grade English teacher….and would’ve been my 12th grade Honors English teacher but I decided not to take honors because I thought a different English teacher who basically said and thought I was stupid was teaching it) really gave me the help I needed to stay in school. I was having a really rough time. It wasn’t that I couldn’t handle the work….I was just….fed up with it all and manifested itself into insomnia and school-performance anxiety. Upon going back to school (because truancy officers were sent to my house) after refusing to go/dropping out for at least 2 weeks the teacher really did all that he could to make my transition easier after having that…I suppose…breakdown.

Looking back, these teachers actually played a huge role in me staying in school. Not only that, it helped put me on a path towards graduating HS with a 97%, an Advanced Regents Diploma, a 1780+ SAT score, with a partial scholarship (since I didn’t apply for any other ones since I didn’t feel like writing a paper), and with a few awards ranging from Most Improved Student, Dean’s List, and a Poetry Award.

& Speaking of poetry, it was also in that teacher’s poetry club that I first stood in front of a class and recited my poetry to people other than the 4 people who’ve heard it before. Likewise, it was at that school, at a poetry competition hosted by that teacher, that I first recited my poetry to a crowd and came out as the “winner” of the competition…..even tho there wasn’t a cash prize like there was at the previous year’s poetry competition.

But yeahh.

Honestly tho….it really seems like the only teachers who show a true passion for teaching are English teachers. I’ve seen the same thing in college. They’re like super into the mechanics of writing, literature, and will basically cum in their pants if you write an introduction using a vivid array of carefully selected words and a properly formatted thesis statement. The other professors in college that really seem to care about the student’s success are SOME sociology professors and SOME fitness and nutrition professors —- but it depends on the course.

What I also noticed is how important class size is. The bigger class, the lesser the quality of education you receive. A teacher/professor can only assist so many students face-to-face during class time or office hours and e-mail really isn’t the same. Much like the video I recently reblogged…..most people, especially younger students, or students in classes with material that’s more difficult to digest/comprehend really do need that face-to-face or 1-on-1 explanations. They can’t get that from reading a packet by themselves or a “follow the directions”.

I was going to say something else…but…it has completely slipped my mind. So, instead, I’m going to give you a fun fact about my first year in college: In order to make research papers or any written assignment easier and more interesting for myself I would make part of or the entire introduction rhyme because my thoughts came to better when I wrote poetry/raps/verses than when I simply wrote. In fact, I even made almost an entire final paper rhyme for a Sociology of Mass Communications and Pop Culture class for which my paper topic was Hip-Hop and its portrayal by the media. Likewise, I also included a poem at the end of an Anthropology paper and a poem at the end of a Sociology of Women paper that was to focus on the women in our lives.

Anddddddddddddd, that’s about it.



I think I remember what I was going to say. I feel as if most people who go to college and earn their degrees don’t do so in the hopes of one day being a renowned sociologist or psychologist or botanist or biologist or anthropologist or mathematician or scientist or novelist or virologist seeking to find or create the panacea or whatever else. It feels like, due to the pressure placed on them by society overall, they’re just getting their degrees in something they’re vaguely interested in and then doing the least amount of work possible to land a job as a teacher in a struggle job-market — but a job-market that is also welcoming of new-grads and part-timers because they are the most cost-effective hire. Aside from public schooling being horribly imbalanced due to disproportional funding between suburban public schools and inner-city urban schools which results in incredibly inadequate school facilities and necessities — I think the second biggest problem is that the majority of incoming teachers simply do not have the passion and drive to be a successful teacher — a teacher who inspires their students to succeed. I’m not saying all the teachers of days past were inspiring and passionate….since…some of my teachers have been quite shitty and discouraging and some were even abusive — but to a lesser degree than the abuse my mom suffered when she was in school. Nevertheless, the problem still remains. People are becoming teachers as a last resort — if winning the lotto, becoming an actor/rapper/dancer/make-up artist/model/etc doesn’t pan out — not as a first choice because they actually, genuinely care about our youths having a solid educational foundation. I believe some teachers who have lost their sparks over the years may place at least part of the blame on their students since these days, especially at the HS level and as you’ve probably seen in some of these wildly disrespectful yolo/DoItForTheVine-ass videos, students really don’t give a f*ck. Their minds are elsewhere, which is ironic if you think about it since educational minimums for job applicants are only increasing as years past…so….if they really wanted to succeed in life….they would pay attention. But even if you’re not seeking a traditional job route or if you’ve deemed school as not being for you (like I have/do)…well…you still need something. & That something you need requires an education, requires skill, requires practice. If you don’t know then you can’t do. If you don’t learn then you can’t hone. If you can’t hone then you can’t grow. If you don’t grow then you’re stagnant…and stagnation is practically death….you have to do something about it. I bash school all the time, since I despise it. However, me despising SCHOOL…the educational system….its STRUCTURE….its GRADING SYSTEM is NOT equivalent to me despising education. Far from it. I do believe knowledge is power and if that power/knowledge is used correctly then that will lead to your freedom. Uneducated people don’t make it all that far in this world. & I don’t mean uneducated people as meaning people who don’t possess a degree. F*ck a degree. That’s a piece of paper. That’s a receipt. That ain’t shit. That’s only useful for people who plan on using it. Plenty of successful people do not have a college degree, some don’t even have a HS degree. HOWEVER, that absolutely DOES NOT mean they are uneducated. Far from it. You can’t be successful if you’re uneducated. You can get lucky….you can win the lotto….win a lawsuit….place a bet…….etc and win yourself millions of dollars….however, how long is that going to last? If you’re inept/uneducated/ignorant when it comes to money management then…what happens? You’re broke within 3 years. True success is about longevity. True success lasts a lifetime. True success, however, requires a solid educational foundation in your particular field, skill/practice/hard work/dedication, and being intelligent enough know that no matter how wise or skillful you become….there’s still more you can learn/discover/invent that will allow you to keep growing, to keep improving.

I’ve seen this video on my dash a few times, but I’m not sure if I’ve reblogged it before since I don’t do much reblogging.

That being said, I think its quite evident that this gentleman isn’t only brave, but passionate as well.

I say brave because he actually spoke from his heart when he could’ve simply walked out or stormed out foaming at the mouth with curse words while flipping desks or chairs — which seems like most teens these days seem fully prepared to do.

Instead, this young man kept his composure and spoke from his heart and did so quite eloquently for something that wasn’t previously prepared. I can hear in his tone, expressions, and gestures that he is passionate about what he is speaking about and that he genuinely wishes to see an improvement regarding this educational system of ours. I can also tell from his word selection that he is either a writer/poet or is naturally gifted when it comes to that art.

The most unfortunate part of this video is that the teacher doesn’t seem to be moved at all by what should have been an enlightening speech from this young man. I’m not sure if she was ever a passionate teacher or not, but she has clearly given up on the students and therefore has failed at her job — a job that, although doesn’t pay very well, is of paramount importance in a child’s and teen’s life. I was hoping to see a positive response from her. A response that depicts a passion for teaching our youth being resurrected by this young man’s inspiring words of wisdom. Unfortunately, that’s not what happened. Even more so, none of the students seem to even give two f*cks about what’s going on. One dude is passed out in the front desk to the left, another girl in the front seat of the middle row is too busy trying to cover her face from being filmed, another dude has his arms folded with has chin resting on them, another girl is messing with her nails and another dude fidgeting with his watch strap — probably because they’re trying to distract themselves from laughing and possibly getting in trouble, another dude nearest to the camera doesn’t care too much about hiding his smiles/smirks/laughter, the girl nearest to the door is playing with her nails and doesn’t exactly seemed touched by his monologue upon his exit, and the dude actually filming the video…I thought he was genuinely listening to what this young man had to say since he was giving him words of encouragement by saying “Go ‘head” a few times…which I thought was done genuinely because he wanted this guy to really keep letting it all off his chest and because he knew he was speaking the truth…however, towards the end of the video, it sounds like immaturity took over and he began laughing….either that or it was an involuntary reactionary laughter because he was taken aback by this guy really setting the teacher straight.

Either way, this dude is legend and I wish him much success in school and in all other aspects of life….same goes for every other student who has done similar things without the camera rolling and same thing for every student that is really trying to make something of themselves even when the teachers think nothing of them.

Go ‘head, bruh.

"You want a kid to change and start doing better? You’ve got to touch his freakin’ heart."

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