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just another poet lookin' for some inspiration..

I’ve been doing terribly in terms of keeping up with this poem a day challenge..

I blame school and the frequent headaches I’ve been getting recently for some reason.

I already missed 3 days worth of poetry for this poem a day thing for April.

Been busy with work and sleep and laying around eating and watching TV.

My bad.

However, only like 3 people have confirmed that they actually read at least one of the first two poems of April I’ve written, recorded, and uploaded sooooo…

I think it is corny/pathetic/lame AF

when guys take intoxicated women home from bars

in order to have sex with them.

I think it is even more corny/pathetic/lame AF

when guys go extra hard giving details (which may be illegitimate)

to their buddies about the girl they had sex with

and what he did to her and/or what she did to him.

I especially hate it when these lames do it to women

who are, despite their lapse of judgment,

"good girls",

in terms of loyalty/faithfulness and not being as promiscuous

as many individuals are nowadays.

Welp, I’m gonna put my laptop aside and watch some TV until I fall asleep.

I feel accomplished that I wrote two poems for this challenge already. Woot.

Goodnight everyone.

Things I tell nosy friends/people who ask me about a girl I’m dating or talking to:

  • We chilled.
  • None of your business.
  • Why does it matter to you?
  • Mind your business.
  • Don’t worry about it.
  • I cooked, we ate, we chilled.
  • What I do with a person and what we say to each other is between us. You’re not a participant in it, so you don’t need to know about it. If you were there during the conversation, then we could talk about it. If it isn’t anything personal, maybe we can talk about it. If you try to get the “juicy details” you’re not going to get very far. The vault, bruh.
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  • trust2

The second installment for this April poetry challenge thingy.

It is slightly deviant from the manner in which I normally write, in terms of certain….imagery.



Comments/Critiques are welcomed.


Those words yet to flutter from your lips,
Love, I’m waitin’ for ‘em
Its been years since I proclaimed that you’re the one for me
I’m not thirsty, Love
maybe I’m just hung-ary
for affection from the one I wrote those poems for,
about and to
I’d never hit a woman, but when my lips were smackin’ you
passion grew
in all the right places
with my tongue waggin’, you know it acts a fool
But those same exact acts had produced
sounds as if your lungs had just collapsed on you
I’ll come clean, these the visions that have frequented
my mind’s residence—
take a look,
keep peekin’ in
my heart is pure
but my mind, these thoughts keep sneakin’ in
"naughty by their nature"
name “written on ya kitten”
well, shorty, can I taste ya?
Recited sonnets to your labia
Haikus performed on your clitoris
Epic poems when I entered having known of your deliciousness.
Am I cunning or linguist
specializing in this language of
the repetition of your moans
that echo my every thought on Love
Passion Over Everything Trivial
poet is in the name
Here today, gone tomorrow
I say “auf Wiedersehen”
cherish every moment
and relish in our postponement
cause many a great things
have been ruined cause they were rushed
love brewin’
buildin’ trust, too
What I must do
lift you up, not break you down
yet in more ways than one I could cuff you.
As I come to
from a daydream that visits daily
there’s one thing that’s never fleeting
there’s one thing that will never fail me
I’m confident, I’m loyal
I’m eager to succeed
and wise enough to know
I must learn and fulfill every single one of our needs.


by: trust2

© Copyright 2014 ©


the GM at my job is moving to FL to be the GM of a new business

that the owners of my workplace just opened over there

and so tonight they had a surprise going away party for him

so as a cake for him

they baked a HUGE tan penis cake, equipped with huge veins, balls, and chocolate covered pubes.

The entire tip and shaft of the cake was red velvet

and the balls were white frosting filled with a fudge center.

Pretty funny.

I was just shown the video of it.

Oh, the manager is openly gay and makes tons of penis jokes at work.

I’ve never had Ben & Jerry’s,

but I’ve bookmarked all the flavors I want to try

and I was seriously contemplating persuading them with a suitcase of money

to bring back some of the flavors in their “graveyard” that have been discontinued

but sound soooooooooooooooooooo incredibly delicious.


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here is my first poem/verse/rap thingy of April.

Feedback in the form of praise and/or criticism is welcomed.



Exhibit A,
the first example
I could spit a verse that’s too perverse for y’all to handle
why would I?
The universe is all in shambles
with human touch the Earth decays quicker than it rebuilds
one glass, two glass, three glass, refill
didn’t finish the first one; ecosystems we kill
we have a habit for destroying habitats
how annoying that I’m rappin’ facts
ask the questions that incur responses such as:
"I’m not sure how I should answer that"
mouth spewin’ sewage from the mind’s gutter
I wonder,
if metaphorically,
I’m fried butter—
attackin’ hearts too deluded by the pleasure
too polluted by the evils that have proven to be lethal
Me recruited?
We the sheeple?
I’m the Second Coming coming for your seconds, hungry
cummin’ on your breakfast, honey
Now I ask,
how bittersweet is that?
nectar sweet enough to leave your teeth with cracks.
I’m born of love
so I’m mourin’ cause
we’re forced to seek the mornin’ buzz
the wake&bake at dawn
I see awning of
the Church steeple
May I ask, why do we hurt people?
Torture the Earth
and rape ambitions of a growing child?
Reverist fertilize the world,
they’re the flooding Nile.
Eventually we’ll free the curse
the leaves the Earth a barren planet
where the bees will lurk
to find the last petal to perch upon and pollinate
as we ponder and admonish fate
we create
we destroy
we rebuild
but never forget
the products of the purest heart can never be killed.

"Bad Man!"

by: trust2

© Copyright 2014 ©

© trust2

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