"The quiet ones always intrigue me. I am drawn to silence. It is because I know that, like me, there’s a world inside their souls. If only someone cared to knock on the door."
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….just so my mom can say “My son is a college graduate”

or just so I can say “Yeah. I graduated with a degree in Sociology”

for what?

Who really gives a f*ck?



I’m going to start dating a girl and she’s going to ask if I went to college and if I graduated and then I’m going to say “Yes I went…but I really, truly, undoubtedly despised it so I decided to drop out. I don’t have a degree” and she’s going to stop dating me because of that?

If she does, then good.

I don’t need that narrow-minded, thoroughly brainwashed type of energy in my life.

F*ck that.

Cause, you know, a college degree automatically means you’re an incredibly intelligent individual who’s going places in life and doing wondrous things to better his own life, the lives of others, and, probably the world.

Yeah f*ckin’ right, Captain Planet.

Cause, you know, a college degree automatically grants a person success in all fields of life — finance, love, friendship, health.

Because landing a job, building a career, working your way up the pay grade is solely reflective of your college career —- which school you went to, what subject you majored in, and what your GPA was.

Cause it has nothing to do with interpersonal connections, appearance (attractiveness, height, weight, attire), personality, sex or gender or sexual preference, drive/ambition, experience in the field (which is not synonymous with experience from the classroom), or just good ol’ fashion luck.

Cause once a person graduates college they are guaranteed a job in their field of study, immediately, and will start getting paid a reasonable salary within a year after graduation.

Yep. That’s why there was a bartender at my job who has a degree in Law. That’s why there’s a bunch of other bartenders at my job with a degree in a bunch of different shit, yet they’re bartending….yet they’re in their 30’s, some of them.


f*ck this sh*t…

Its bullshit.

I literally don’t pay attention in any f*cking class, ever.

I’m either asleep for 45 minutes out of the 1 hour and 15 minutes or I’m on my laptop.

Yet, by the end of the semester I will still end up with three A’s and a B+ or C.

Because passing two-three multiple choice exams and handing in a few papers and getting good grades on them all means a person is going to do well in life.

Its unbelievable how ridiculously flawed this system is.

What exactly are you preparing any of us for?

For us to show up, shut up, and endure hours of something we f*cking hate until we move on to the next step….which may not be much better than the step before it?

As children we say we can’t wait to be adults.

As middle schoolers we say we can’t wait to be in HS.

As teenagers/HS’ers we say we can’t wait to be 18 and in college.

As 18 y/o we say we can’t wait to be 21.

As undergraduates we say we can’t wait until we graduate.

As graduates we say we can’t wait until we get a job in our field.

As an unemployed Bachelors Degree recipient, we say we can’t wait until we earn our Master’s.

As an individual with a Master’s Degree, we say we can’t wait until we get a job in our field.

As an adjunct professor, we say we can’t wait to solidify our employment.

As a professor who has a decent amount of job security, we say we can’t wait to make tenure.

As a professor with tenure, we say we can’t wait to retire.

As a retiree, we say we can’t wait to hit the lotto.

Meanwhile, for most of us, the best times we’ve ever had was Step 1.

Or, as a person whose middle aged and older, we say we wish we were 20 again.

The best times we had were when we were children and didn’t really have much of a worry or care in the world.

Aw man. I’m 5 years old and I have to go to school to write the ABC’s, count, finger paint, play duck-duck-goose, eat, and take naps?

Then when I get home…I get to ride my bike, or roller skate, and play my favorite sports on the weekend and have someone who buys all my clothes, makes all my food, and does all the worrying for me?

How dreadful that is, eh?

What is freedom?

F*ck that school sh*t.

Do what makes you happy.

Do it with the people who make you happy.

Do what you love doing.

Do it with the people you love doing it with.

Unless your dreams are to be a teacher or biologist or nuclear engineer or whatever type of sh*t that actually requires a degree or multiple degrees….then…..why the f*ck you in school for?


the f*ck

am I in



this shit

makes me





when I know

I’m not ever


going to use




F*ck this.

a novel by me irritated that its 3:51AM and I'm here having to write a short 5-page paper on some shit that I really don't give a f*ck about and that doesn't interest me at all when I could be just chilling Going to class when I could be working out or sleeping an extra hour or walking my dogs or playing basketball or doing whatever the f*ck I feel like doing

For All of You Who Regularly Enjoy Smoking Marijuana

What makes it so enjoyable for you?

What are your main reasons for using it?

What positive effects has it had on you or people you know?

What negative effects has it had on you or people you know? (I.E. Spend a lot of money on it, put a strain on relationships with people who don’t smoke/aren’t supportive of you smoking, has resulted in arrest, etc)

**I know the first three questions are semi-redundant, but answer them anyway.  =P**

Thank you.


Oh and if you’re curious as to why I’m asking these questions, its because I’ve never smoked. I’m not against use and I do believe it should be legalized. BUT there is a lot of misinformation on the internet regarding its positive and negative effects. If anything, I think its safer to smoke weed than it is to drink alcohol. That being said, some things I’m not fond of is how much money people will spend on it. You’ll have someone bitch and moan day and night about them not making enough money, them never having spending money, blah blah and then you’ll see them spending about 30% of their wages, per week, on marijuana. Also, the same advocates/enthusiasts will always talk about how its not addictive and they could stop whenever they wanted….yet they won’t acknowledge that they enjoy it so much that they would never want to stop. I mean….heroin users enjoy that shit too…..drinkers love to drink too…….pill poppers love to pop pills too, coke users love snortin’ that shit too. Where is the line drawn? Does the difference lay in the fact that heroin can kill, drinking can kill (the user and others around them), and popping pills can kill, and doing coke can kill too? Meanwhile, smoking weed can, at most, make your wallet lighter, make you sleepy (which may lead to decreased productivity), make you hungry, and…..perhaps have some negative effects on your lungs?

I just don’t see the point, unless it has a discernibly positive effect on you. I asked some co-workers how it makes them feel, and some of them didn’t experience effects that, imo, seemed worth the amount of money they spend per week on it. One dude said it makes his eyelids feel heavy and like there’s pressure in his eyeballs. Like….wtf? Why the f*ck would you spend over $100 a week on some shit that makes your eyelids feel heavy? My eyelids feel heavy when I’m sleep deprived and my eyes feel pressurized when I have a throbbing headache…..the f*ck I’mma spend $100+ a week for sleep deprivation and bad headache symptoms? Others say they get more creative, others say it makes them think in ways they wouldn’t while not high, others say it just makes them really calm and care free — and they look it too, others say it makes them enjoy whatever it is they are doing/makes them have fun easier, etc. So, yeah. hbu?

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Some people are writers, some people are speakers, some people are poets.

Anonymous asked:

how did you lose so much weight?

trust2 Answer:


Ok, sorry to the anonymous who asked this earlier. I’ve been out running around all day and I just saw this. But it’s pretty much diet and exercise and a good attitude. You need to be willing to try new things that may not necessarily feel good. Hell, it’s prob going to hurt for awhile, meaning you should always be pushing yourself and trying new workouts to stop muscle memory and plateauing. For me, i went to working hours in the gym, to doing insanity, to playing rugby, to zumba. I plan on taking kick boxing, yoga, pole dancing, and belly dancing if I find classes cheap enough. Also, know your limit, don’t hurt yourself. Steadily improve your diet because that is probably more than half the battle. I still struggle with it and am now considering going vegan. And look at this as a lifetime change and for your health because if it’s just for your appearance, well I know for me, it’s not worth the struggle. Though it is a bonus! 😀. So, feel free to ask more questions if you have some!

I really can’t stress steady progression enough.

Take it slowly, progress gradually.

Going into the gym or to the park your first day (or first week or first month) and lifting like you’re a 20-year veteran or Olympic-caliber athlete is counterproductive. You may think working yourself into the ground may benefit you, but, no, it doesn’t. Working yourself into the ground just means you’re going to spend the rest of your time trying to climb up out of the hole you’ve dug yourself into.

Do not rush. Just don’t do it.

For one, there is a high potential you’re going to injury yourself.

& If you’re fortunate enough not to injure yourself, you’ll still probably have to rest an entire week because your body will be that sore if you just jump full throttle into the thick of things.

As she mentioned, a large part of fat loss is proper nutrition. Proper nutrition is also a large factor in recovery as well. Meaning, if your dietary protocol isn’t in check, you aren’t going to get the same quality and quantity of results —- no matter how much you try to out-lift or out-run your poor eating habits.

Here is my 12-Step, step-by-step program:

1) Calculate your BMR using this formula:

BMR for Men
66 + (6.3 x weight in pounds) + (12.9 x height in inches) - (6.8 x age in years)

BMR for Women
655 + (4.3 x weight in pounds) + (4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x age in years)

2) Subtract 300-500 calories from your BMR: This will be the amount of calories you consume per day.

3) Adjust your food intake: Eliminate ALL grain from your diet. ALL of it. You will only be eating blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, kiwis, cherries, broccoli and other cruciferous veggies, nuts and seeds (walnuts, almonds, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds), lean meat (skinless chicken/turkey, and cold water fish (cod, halibut, salmon). Bake or grill your meats/fishes ONLY. No frying. Also use Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Coconut Oil to cook with.

4) Limit your net carbohydrate intake to 50g. What is your net carbohydrate value? Its the total carbohydrates you consumed - the dietary fiber you consumed. So, if you ate 80g of total carbs and 30g of dietary fiber then your net carbohydrate value will be 50g. If you didn’t know, excess carb intake leads to insulin spikes which may lead to insulin resistance which leads to fat storage…..and in severe cases, diabetes.

5) Take a protein supplement to bring you to 1g of protein per lb of LEAN bodyweight. This requires knowing your bodyfat %. If you do not have the implements necessary to determine this, then taking 1g of protein per lb of bodyweight is fine too. I prefer using Whey Protein Isolate, since it has the least amount of carbs.

6) Make sure you take a multivitamin. Make sure you’re getting enough Magnesium, Vitamin D, B Vitamins, Calcium, Vitamin K, Iron, and Zinc.

7) Drink green tea. Aim for 3-5 cups per day. www.adagio.com has a nice selection.

8) Stay hydrated. Aim for 0.6-0.7oz of water per lb of bodyweight.

9) Get quality sleep. Aim for 8 hours. If your schedule or workload is too chaotic for 8 hours, then try to get 6. Less than that is pretty much sleep deprivation. This is likely to lead to elevated stress levels which will lead to increased cortisol which will lead to increased fat storage.

10) Lift three times per week and sprint three times per week. For beginners I always always always recommend the program offered for free by www.stronglifts.com. Ladies, don’t be scared of lifting with free weights and don’t be scared of gaining muscle. You’re not going to look like a bodybuilder if you lift weights. That doesn’t exist. The only way you will look like that is if you eat tons of food and take tons of steroids. Lifting and sprinting will lead towards a figure similar to that of a Crossfit woman or an Olympic sprinter. Strong, lean, but still curvaceous. Make sure you are thoroughly warmed up before sprinting and lifting, to avoid injury. However, don’t warm up to the point where you’re too fatigued to complete a workout. Also, if you’re lifting on Monday-Wednesday-Friday then you should sprint on Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday. Do not lift and sprint in the same day UNLESS you’re sprinting in the early morning and lifting in the afternoon. Doing one directly after the other will decrease your performance in the latter.  Also, make sure your technique is: FLAWLESS. Take notes from Beyonce.

11) Meditate or do yoga. It will decrease stress stimuli, which will decrease cortisol levels, which will dissuade fat storage. It will also strengthen your mind-body connection, which leads to improved mental and emotional health.

12) Stop weighing yourself. F*ck that scale. Lock that sh*t in the basement with Boo Radley. The scale is a liar. It only shows part of the story. Overall weight doesn’t mean a damn thing. Its misleading. Weight doesn’t matter. Body COMPOSITION matters. What percentage of your weight is fat and what percentage of your weight is muscle is what matters. Case in point: Would you rather weigh 110lbs @ 25% bodyfat or weight 130 @ 15% bodyfat? I would hope its the latter. Considering muscle is denser (less voluminous) than fat, even if you weight 20lbs more than Person A, you’re still going to look leaner than that person due to having more muscle mass — which is more compact than fat mass. Therefore, f*ck that misleading ass scale. If you MUST weigh yourself, then only weigh yourself ONCE per month. Don’t gauge your progress by whatever number pops up on the scale. Gauge your progress by the mirror test, the jeans test, the compliment test, the performance test, and the feeling test.

What is the mirror test? Simple. Look at yourself in the mirror. Do you appear noticeably leaner? More defined? Booty poppin’ more, etc? Good! You’ve made progress! F*ck that scale!

What is the jeans test? Simple. Put on a pair of jeans you normally wore before beginning your fitness journey. Are they a little looser around the waist but simultaneously tighter around the booty? Good! You’ve made progress! F*ck that scale!

What is the compliment test? Simple. Take notice of how many compliments you are receiving from friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, and strangers. Have you been receiving more, specifically in regards to your physique, strength, or athleticism? Did you receive at least one? Good! You’ve made progress! F*ck that scale!

What is the performance test? Simple. If you’ve taken your One Rep Max for a particular exercises, such as the Back Squat or Deadlift before you began your lifting program, then re-test your One Rep Max for that same exercise. Did the weight you’re able to lift increase? Yes? Good! You’ve made progress! F*ck that scale! Did you opt out of testing your One Rep Max but instead kept track of your 40-yard dash time or how many laps you’re able to do before collapsing to the floor gasping “Holy sh*t…I can’t breathe….I can’t breathe?” That’s fine too! Now just re-test your 40-yard dash time or run a few laps around the track again. Did your 40-yard dash time decrease (you’re running faster) or are you able to do more lap around the track while being less winded? Good! You’ve made progress! F*ck that scale!….Again!

& Lastly, what is the feeling test? Simple. How do you feel, both physically and mentally/emotionally? Are your muscles firmer? Does your booty feel more lifted/perky? Do you feel more confident in your body? Do you feel, overall, more happy, inspired, and/or dedicated? Yes? Good! You’ve made progress! So now lets all stand up together, clear our throats, and yell: F*CK, THAT, MOTHER, F*CKING, SCALE! Aiight? Aiight.

Andddddddddddddddddddddd I’m out.

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Are you fucking kidding me?

Going to shoot him for a seatbelt violation?

And then the dude who got shot is going to apologize to the cop….for what?

For getting your license?

For getting shot?

For taking off your seatbelt to get out of your car to get some gas or go into the shop?

Thank goodness this POS is a shitty shot.

This guy was very close to being what….the….17th unarmed black man to be killed by the police in the last 2 months?

Granted, he was actually hit with at least one of the shots, so, I’m not certain of his current medical condition.

Its not even police brutality…

Brutality is excessive force….is beatin’ someone to the point that they need medical attention.

This is police inhumanity.

These muhfuckers are quick on the trigger trying to prematurely end black men’s lives.

some bullshit man police brutality

Don’t talk to me if you’re just going to waste my time

Don’t talk to me if we have different ideas of what we want with each other

Don’t talk to me if you’re just going to stop responding

Don’t talk to me if you’re not intending to stay

Don’t talk to me if you only like the idea of me and the idea of us

Don’t talk to me if you’re not going to put in equal effort

Just don’t talk to me.


If you’re not a pet person, I’m confident our relationship won’t last very long….or begin in the first place.