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The secrets to making me fall in love with you:

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Where are all the women that are proud to be homebodies?

You know…

Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool….

layin’ on the couch watching TV, eatin’ food…?

My favorite food to make is burritos.

And I make sure I get the large sized tortillas

and I stuff that mofo until I can barely wrap/roll it properly.

Lots of rice, LOTS of my favorite cheeses (at least 2 different kinds),

anddddddd a medium amount of beans.

I recently found my favorite rice, cheese, bean, and tortilla combination —

after having experimented for a few months with different combos, anddddddd

that joint was dang-near orgasmic.

I really love rice.

Long-grain, wild rice, specifically.

Like…..that’s my sh*t.

I wish it were made mostly of protein and fat tho, instead of all carbs.

I’m not tryin’ to end up looking like Buddha.

"Steel Yourself"/"Stand Up"

by: Marvin Winans

I appreciate what I have, I do.

I am grateful for it all.

However, not a soul on this Earth can tell me money isn’t the limiting factor between actually living life rather than just drudging through it.

I can’t and refuse to be another one of these people fed up and bitter, trying to grasp onto that last ray of hope while working their fingers to the bone for 60 years.

My mom has been working since she was 12 years old.


She hasn’t stopped working since then.

Not once, and she’s still going.

When is she going to get a break?

Has she not earned that?

Has she not earned peace of mind?

Does she not deserve a vacation…a long one….with first class everything?

Quite frankly, I think its complete bullsh*t that she still has to work at her age.

& I’ve beaten myself up quite a few times over the years, for having not achieved the success I’ve been working towards since I was 13, 16, 17, and 21 (the four different phases of my work-life).

When is she going to get to chill?

When she’s too old and beat up to actually enjoy her time off to the fullest?

Its some bullsh*t.

But….I’m working with what I’ve been given, what I’ve earned, and what I’ve learned so….all I have to do is remain focused and move forward through it all.

Perpetual success.


I think my friend (who is black) is low-key telling me that I should stop dating Black womyn if I want to stop being in unhealthy relationships. 

Idk how I feel about it…she’s made some “valid points” (and I use that term loosely)…but I love my black women. 

Can’t really generalize an entire race as being solely incapable of having healthy relationships.

I mean….you could….technically, but how valid would that be?

There’s some emotionally unsound women (and men) in every race.

Eliminating one race from your dating repertoire isn’t going to completely decimate dysfunction.

Its not about excluding races, its about picking up on the cues that a person isn’t on the same wavelength.

Its about noticing the signs of dysfunction before getting in too deep and finding yourself trying to climb yourself out of a bottomless pit with no light to guide you and no person to help you out.

When I was younger, I dated black women exclusively, since, generally speaking, I found black women to be the absolute most beautiful.

However, although I didn’t necessarily find it hard to find black women to date, I did receive multiple confirmations from many of my friends and even some of the girls I dated/was talking with on that level that they have never dated outside their race (until me) and/or that they are generally “only” attracted to black men.

That being said, I thought it kind of sucked that my chances were automatically diminished just because I wasn’t a certain race. But then I realized that’s exactly what I was doing to all the non-black women that showed interested in me but that I didn’t give a chance because I was set on dating black women.

Then I thought….if this whole “soulmate”/”the one” thing is for real…..then what if my soulmate isn’t a black woman? I would’ve gone through life never finding the one because I narrowed my perspective and interest down to a single race…instead of being open to whomever is a good fit for me? That would’ve sucked.

Anyway, I sort of strayed off topic. But….yeah. Eliminating a race from those that you date isn’t the answer. & If that suggestion came from a person who hasn’t had many successful/healthy relationships themselves then…..I’d be a little weary of taking heed.

But yeah….every race has people who are fckn terrible at relationships/being a bf/gf.

Its all about picking up on the signs that the one you’re letting in is going to be a negative or destructive force and calling it quits/leaving before you’re in too deep.


That’s all it takes nowadays?

I’m hoping at least 90% of the numbers were fake.


How High is a classic.

Method Man is a funny dude.

A lot of these crossover rapper->actor transitions are a good look.

Tupac was a talented actor, imo.

Common is also improving quite a bit.

50 Cent……not so much.

But, I like to see it nonetheless.

Can’t just have one grind.

I like seeing people having multiple streams of income.

Rapping, acting, electronics, boxing promotion companies, clothing lines, liquor endorsements, sneaker deals, all that.

That’s what’s up.

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